One award winning project, two babies, offices in two cities several completed projects and more in the pipeline. What a fantastic first year for our business with clients that include a top 5 pharmaceutical company a top 5 technology company, a top 5 digital agency and the world’s largest media investment company, we are feeling pretty proud of ourselves and what we have achieved.

The Year in Detail

June 2015

On the 9th June last year Ivy and I took the brave decision to found our company Contrast with the vision of designing space for the digital age. Our first company milestone was securing our first client Sanofi, one of the giants of the pharmaceutical industry we secured the appointment to design and deliver their new Singapore HQ.

The next milestone was the birth of Ivy’s daughter Charlotte 7 days after we founded the company.

July 2015

This month got off to a great start with the arrival of my daughter Hera exactly one month after we founded the company. It was a busy month at contrast with the 2 new arrivals and the practical completion of phase 1 of our first project. People started to move in at Sanofi. Phase 2 was ongoing

August 2016

Typically a holiday month we were still busy completing phase 2 at Sanofi and preparing for the official launch of our company on September 1st.

September 2015

We launch the company with our branding and identity finalised our website goes live and we move into our new workplace having trialled many co-working spaces in Singapore we settle in to the Collective Works. We also secure several new projects including a legal firm and Group M, Mediacom and Maxus.

October 2015

October is a busy month with all our new projects and the completion of the final phase of Sanofi It is so exciting to have a project finally completed and to receive so much positive feedback about the environment we have created from the occupants.

November 2015

What a fantastic month for us we win our first design award for our first project, Sanofi wins the Tarkett Gold Award for Innovation with Gensler taking the silver award. We also complete our second project for AdventBalance.

December 2015

This month we were awarded our first piece of workplace strategy work by Possible one of the world’s top 5 digital agencies. As well as ongoing work on projects we spend this month strategizing our expansion and commence negotiations to open our first office outside Singapore.

January 2016

The year gets off to a fantastic start with Payal joining us on a full time basis and our appointment on a new project for the Collective Works to be located at Capital Tower.

February 2016

Preparations are well underway to launch our India operations with our new Director Suruchi joining the team on a full time basis. Several of our projects also start on site.

March 2016

Finally Our Indian company launches and we secure our first project in India for a Japanese Technology company Horiba.

April 2016

We secure yet another client this month as Microsoft appoints us on a new project in Singapore and the India team also win new projects. Work is ongoing furiously on the Collective Works project which is due to handover at the end of the month.

May 2016

This is a busy month the Collective Works new space has its soft Launch, we also hand over the Mediacom and Maxus new space. The feedback on all our projects from end users is overwhelmingly positive.

June 2016

So far another great month having just been appointed on another high profile but top secret project which will be unveiled later in the year and we have also been appointed on our first project in Jakarta. We end our first year with a big celebration to celebrate the Launch of the new Collective Works at Capital Tower What a fantastic party to attend on the eve of our first birthday.

This has been an amazing first year for our business and we have had some fantastic support from our clients and industry partners. We are very much looking forward to our second year and hopefully growing and expanding further.